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Private Coaching 2-Week Trial

OUR PASSION IS YOUR POTENTIAL! Sign up to our EPIC 2-Week Private Coaching Trial for a tiny $55! Inclusive of 7 x Private Coaching sessions + FREE Unlimited CrossFit Classes, 24/7 Gym Access & Nutrition Coaching. Sign up with a buddy and you can split the cost!!! No contracts, no[…]

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All WODs in SugarWOD

Hi team! All our CrossFit WODs are now available to view in SugarWOD (see the green WOD button in the bottom right-hand corner of this page). We are now using SUGARWOD to track our daily WOD performance. Every week, the program for the week will be added to SUGARWOD and[…]

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FREE 2-Week CrossFit Trial

FREE 2-Week CrossFit Trial – Over $470 worth of FREE training and nutrition services! CrossFit Devonport and Move Strong Gymnasium have always been leaders in functional training and rehabilitation. We don’t just ‘workout’ to ‘lose weight’ (although your body composition will naturally change for the better!). We train for performance.[…]

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