WOD – Tuesday – 011013

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WOD – Tuesday – 011013

“All great achievements require time.”
~ Maya Angelou

For all those members of our competition team who are available, we will be having a special team training session on Tuesday & Friday night at 1830hrs during Open Gym time. If you want more details, chat to Bigdog. For non-member competitors it is $10/session. We will be going over technical elements and strategy as this will be the first competition many of us have been in.

Rite of Passage

A1. Good Mornings
3 x 8-10 reps @ 3011
A2. Turkish Getup
3 x 2 reps each arm @ m.24kg,f.16kg
A3. Plank 
3 x 60 seconds

B. 5 rounds for reps @ 30sec on 30sec off, of:
– American KB Swings
– MB Burpee-Clean

* For kettbells use m.32kgf.24kg
* For medball use m.20lbs,f.14lbs


A. Snatch Clusters
5 x 1.1.1. w/ 10sec rest b/w singles and 2min rest b/w cluster sets.

B. AMRAP 10mins:
– HSPU x 5 reps
– Pullups x 10
– Double Unders x 15

For time:

– Row 500m
– Wall Ball x  50 @ m.20lb,f.14lb
– HR Pushups x 50
– Row 500m

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