4-pose Couch Stretch from Outlaw Connectivity website…


Straight Body Levers from Outlaw Connectivity website…

Straight Body Lever from Floor- More Difficult from The Outlaw Way on Vimeo.

Arch Hollw Roll + V-up

Rolling V-Ups from The Outlaw Way on Vimeo.

DeFranco’s Agile 8


A. Defranco’s Agile 8

B. 4-pose couch stretch
3×0:30/0:30 (w/r) for each stretch

C. Straight Body Levers on Floor
3×6 (10sec per rep)

D. Arch Hollow Roll + V-up

E. Optional Goat Progression Activity

– Option 1 – Goat Killa
Kill a goat or make another attempt to anyway

– Option 2 – Bodyweight to Strength Ratio
Bodyweight If you are lagging behind in bodyweight tasks (eg pullups,pushups,or 1xBW back squat, etc) you need to lose body mass. You should do 8×0:20/0:10 for each of the following:
– AssBike (do the full 4mins then rest 1min MAX)
– Skipping/Double Unders (do the full 4mins then rest 1min MAX)
– KB Swings @ m.24kg,f.16kg

– Option 3 – Skills Ed.
Talk to your coach about how to perform a skill listed on the MSG OPS. Spend some time mastering the finer points of the task and if possible, tick that badboy off!