I have some exciting news about our upcoming Olympic Lifting Workshop Series, or OLWS, or Lifting Huge With Brucy, or in other words, Shifting Steel The Size of Mount Vesuvius Series of Strength…I’m way too tired at the end of the week…I need a pillow on my face pronto! I will type something more coherent and intelligent tomorrow. Suffice to say, today I Zercher Carried a 200kg Yoke…

Also, stay tuned! We’re going to have a G.O.T. Finale Night at the gym up on the big screen. Bring Doonahs, pillows and unsalted popcorn. MSG will supply a floor to sit on. We can all snuggle and watch people hack each other to death…stay tuned bunnies!


A. Muscleup Progressions

B. Press

C. AMRAP 17mins:
– RKB Swings x 17
– Box Jumps x 17
– Row x 17cal
– Pullups x 17
– Abmat Situps x 17