Queens Birthday Public Holiday:

Timetable change tomorrow:

0730 – Group Training Session
0830-1100hrs – Open Gym

Check out this video below!

Keep that bar close. Get tall and fully extend! Don’t rush to get under the bar. Stay straight as you receive the bar in the squat. Try and look like these girls when you do it! 🙂

Olympic Weightlifting Workshop Series

MSG are proud and excited to announce our Olympic Weightlifting Workshop Series. This will be a 4-week program and we’ll run it 3 times per week. There are quite a few people who have already expressed interest and places are very limited.

Please email Filipa at admin@movestronggym.com.au to secure your place. Or call 0408 707 249.


$100 (only $50 for current MSG members)
12 sessions
4 weeks
3 sessions per week
Starting 16/06/14
Times and days to be emailed to you individually

Places limited! Book now!


This week will see us complete several ‘tests’. We want to see where you are at with the basics.  How strong are you? How stable? How much endurance have you got? Where do your weaknesses lay? 

The data we gather will help determine your personal goals and a direction and focus for our group training program.

A. “Olympic Total”
 A1. Snatch
20 min to work to Snatch max
 A2. Clean and Jerk
20 min to work to Clean and Jerk max

B. Tests of Pillar Endurance
 B1. Sorensen test 
Hold top of back extension (parallel with ground), chin tucked, hands on temples for as long as possible without drooping (2 min cap)
 B2. Side Bridge tests
Hold side bridge with side of L foot and L forearm on ground, hips neutral, for as long as possible (90 sec cap)
 B3. Hanging Knees to Elbows
If pass side bridge test – AMRAP hanging knees to elbows, one set