10 Toxic Cleaning Ingredients to Avoid!

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10 Toxic Cleaning Ingredients to Avoid!

Next Saturday 2 July 7pm, I’m running another DIY Chemical-Free Cleaning Workshop at Alchemy Cafe in Forth. In case you haven’t read the event description (or didn’t get to the end of it…it is rather long, I do like a good ramble!), we’re holding a challenge for all workshop participants to put on your Sherlock Caps and go and investigate what exactly is in your cleaning products. If you find that what you’re using contains toxic ingredients, bring them along to the workshop and chuck them in the TOXIC BIN. The person who chucks away the most toxic products will win a prize!


But how do you know which chemicals are toxic, and which are ok? I’ll be the first person to admit that this can be a daunting task, trying to decipher through the thousands of chemicals that are included in our cleaning products. To make this task easier, I’ve come up with 10 toxic cleaning ingredients to avoid:

4. Formaldehyde

5. Quarternium 15

6. Ammonia

7. Triclosan

8. Phthalates

9. Phenol

10. 2­Butoxyethanol

This, of course, is not an exhaustive-list, but they are some of the more dangerous ingredients around. I’ve written about the damaging health effects of some of these chemicals in previous posts (go to the links above). I’ll also be discussing the adverse effects at the workshop next Saturday night. It’s crazy to think that those headaches you’ve been having, or the asthma you’re plagued with, or the infertility or the cancerous tumour or the behavioural problems your child is experiencing may be due to what you spray in the shower or what you wash your dishes with.

It’s difficult to pinpoint what exactly has caused your health problems – it could be a combination of poor nutrition, lack of sleep, stress over-load, emotional/spiritual disturbances, toxin-overload (from the environment, medication, additives, preservatives, pesticides, and yes, the chemicals in your cleaning products, furniture, clothes and cosmetics). Some of these things are difficult to change – for example, giving up sugar. It is so addictive and often provides comfort and/or social inclusion, that completely giving it up can seem impossible for many people. Giving up toxic cleaning products, on the other hand, is SO EASY! Seriously, can anyone actually say they’re addicted to their Omo washing powder, or their Ajax cleaning spray? There isn’t really any pressure, socially speaking, to use a regular supermarket brand cleaning product, is there? Surely you’re not going to feel like an outcast at a social gathering if you tell your friends you use something natural like vinegar or borax to clean your dunny? They might think you’re a little bit hippy, but whatevs!

So, are you ready to break up your toxic relationship with your dirty cleaning products? Come along tooils the workshop next Saturday (2 July, 7pm at Alchemy Cafe) to find out just how cheap, quick and easy it can be!

The workshop is $25, which covers the cost of all the ingredients, containers and Young Living essential oils that you will use to make five cleaning products to take home to replace your old toxic ones. Spaces are limited, so we would appreciate if you can book in and pay prior to the night. You can purchase your spot for the workshop here

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