WOD – Friday – 110414

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WOD – Friday – 110414

Yesterday we had some special sessions. In the morning Bigdog took the class through some awesome hip opening and squat specific mobility drills. Check out some of the photos Amy Page took.

Amy1 Amy3


Check out the video from Andy’s Acro-Balance-Yoga-Massage class in the evening! Fun stuff 🙂

Check out Amy Yaxley breaking her PR in the Power Clean. Good job Yaxley! Keep up the hard work 🙂

Amy is doing some personal training sessions with Chris each week. If you’d like a little more help with your technique or would simply like to work out with a coach in a more one-on-one environment, contact Bigdog to talk about Personal Training.

Guys, don’t forget about the Trivia night on Saturday. If you haven’t RSVP’d, please do so either on the whiteboard at the front of the gym, on the Facebook event page or by emailing or texting Filipa –
or 0408 707 249.


A. 3RFT:
– Bench Press x 10 @ 67%
– Toes to Bar x 20
– Bar Dips x 30
– Sled Pull x 40m @ m.50kg,f.35

Extra Work


More The Outlaw Way Tests:

A. For Time:
Run x 400m

B. Wall Balls:
AMRAP unbroken, stop if you get to 150 and record time


Press day, but rest from heavy pressing and only do assistance work.

A1. 1arm braced DB press
5×6-8@40X1 tempo
A2. Neutral Grip Chinup
5×6-8@40X1 tempo

B. Bench Press


A. Muscleups
In 2-3 attempts, find your max set of unbroken muscleups

B. Handstand Walks
In 2mins, record the distance you walk, doesn’t have to be unbroken of course!

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  1. Filipa Bellette - April 12, 2014 12:30 pm

    Friday’s WOD results: https://movestronggym.sites.zenplanner.com/leaderboard-day.cfm?date=2014-04-11


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