“The only thing that stands between you and what you want out of life is the will to try and the faith to believe it’s possible.”


Amanda Allen is one helluva role model for strong women everywhere. She’s fitter at 43 than most 20year olds. In this clip she goes head to head against Sunrise’s Mark Beretta in a workout competition. Needless to say she kicks butt! The 2013 Masters CrossFit Games athlete won the 40-44yr old category at this years’ Games. Check this vid out 🙂

Going along with our theme of team workouts lately, tomorrow’s WOD is a fun one. It involves strategy and thinking as well as cooperation in order to win. Here it is.

Rite of Passage & Open

“Team Physical Challenge”

You will be allocated a team of 2-3 before the workout. In your teams you must assign a person to do each station. Use strategy to determine who will do what. You cannot do 2 stations in a row. Note: Some stations are easier for some and hard for others, use strategy to determine who will do what. You will have a couple of minutes to discuss strategy before the session. Then it’s go, go, go! Goodluck MSGers! 🙂

Station 1 – Run 400m
Station 2 – Row 500m
Station 3 – Ring Rows x 40
Station 4 – Box Jumps x 30 @ m.30”,f.24”
Station 5 – Pushups x 50
Station 6 – Thrusters x 50 @ m & f 20kg
Station 7 – Situps x 100
Station 8 – Skin the Cat x 30

* Each station must be completed in order. There is to be no scaling. Choose a team member to complete a station only if you have complete confidence that they are going to be able to complete it as prescribed and with satisfactory technical accuracy.