Rite of Passage & Open – 18/08/13

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Rite of Passage & Open – 18/08/13

Rest day

Spend some time with your family and friends. Relax and enjoy yourself. See you Monday! But to entertain and educate you this weekend , here is some reading and viewing for you:

First off, who is keen on being part of our Mud Run team? It’s on 22nd September. Here’s some details:

Tasmanian Mud Run Logo

Oh, here’s a cool vid about how Rob Orlando came up with the “Pig”, which was used at this years’ CrossFit games.

And speaking of pigs. Poppy and I have been watching a bit of Peppa Pig lately. This is our new favourite. Bing Bong Bingly Boggly Boo.

The Pig

Yummo, here is an awesome recipe. Colin Richmond’s idea for some Protein Waffles that I’m keen to try out for a tasty desert 🙂 Filly made some awesome cacao-coconut-peanut butter-bannana-raw milk ice cream this week that would’ve gone awesome with these. I’m keen to smash some of that done with some fresh local organic fruit and whipped cream. Will make a great Sunday night treat. Booshka!

Protein Waffles

Charles Poliquin’s 16-week chinup program looks great for those of you who want something to do on the side to help you improve your chinups.

Speaking of chinups, Andrew Read recently wrote a great article about chinups.

Coach Glassman shares his ideas on training at the fringes of intensity and technical accuracy. The goal is always to increase work capacity over broad time and modal domain, but his thoughts on pushing the envelope and maintaining form vs intensity is interesting. He calls it threshold training. Constantly seeking to maintain accuracy while still tapping into ever increasing elements of power, over time.

I’m looking to buy a motorbike, is this bike learner licence approved you reckon? Brapf-brapf-brapf-brapf-brapf 🙂 🙂

OK, seriously now. Here are 3 of my favourite motivational speeches right now. The first one is by Aston Kutcher, the second by Steve Jobs and the third by the Hip Hop Preacher. Enjoy and get uplifted!

Training to be better is hard. If it wasn’t hard, every man and his dog would be doing it. I don’t mean you need to puke your guts out every day. I don’t mean that you need to hurt. I mean you need to be diligent, put in effort, do things accurately, do what you suck at, do what you hate. Doing this consistently over time is hard. You need confidence. You need testicular fortitude. You need to be brave, tough, motivated, ready. Are you that person? Are you the type of person who is ready for this? Do you deserve it? Or are you another one of those selfish give-it-to-me-now people who profess desire but display no real commitment to effort. Do you want it bad? Do you want it at all, really? How bad do you want it? When you want to be successful as much as you want to breathe, then you’ll be successful 🙂

Here’s some cool training montages and vids of peeps doing cool stuff:

THis is the history of the CrossFit games. This is what our Open group is training to compete at in 2014.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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