WOD – Wednesday – 230414

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WOD – Wednesday – 230414

We have some exciting things happening at Move Strong Gym on the day of the Joshy WOD fundraiser:

2115Nine WODing clothing company are setting up a stall at Move Strong Gym. A portion of the profit made from clothing sales will go to the Baby Simpson fund –https://www.facebook.com/2115Nine

SPIT & BBQ from 12 – 2pm and 4:30pm – 7:30pm. 100% made from sales will go to the Baby Simpson fund.

Check out this link for more details – https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.383835858424757.1073741829.379890835485926&type=1

Items up for auction include:

– Move Strong gift pack (4 x PT sessions, Move Strong Tee, Wrist wraps and more)
– Health & Leisure gift pack (Kettlebell, Abmat, Foam Roller, Skipping Rope and more)
– Arbonne gift pack
– Motors Devonport $200 service voucher
– The WOD Life Gift Voucher
– Sirum Gift Voucher
– And more to come…
‘Move Strong For Joshy’ Ojay Tees for sale! $10 profit of each shirt will go to the Baby Simpson fund. (We’re getting these made as we type…Fingers-crossed they’ll arrive before the day).

Stay tuned for more events on the day!

Thank you to everyone who has donated their time, products, money and love so far in memory of Joshy and for supporting his family.


auction2 auction3


A. Bench Press

B. AMRAP 3mins, for each of the following w/ 1min rest b/w each thing. Count reps for each activity:
– Double Unders (aim for 150 in 3mins)
– Row for meters (aim for 1000m)
– TTB w/ 2 x pushups if drop (aim for 50 TTB, don’t count pushups as reps, they are a penalty!)


Session I

A. Every 2mins x 6, do 1 set of the following couplet, and rest the remainder:
– Wide Grip Pullup x 3-5 unbroken reps @ 30X0 tempo
– Seated Barbell Press x 5,3,2,2,3,5 @ 31X0 tempo

* Add weight if required for the pullups. Note that the seated barbell press is a pyramid. On your first set do 5 reps, second time around do 3, etc. Add weight appropriately to fatigue at the repetition count as prescribed. IE – if it says to do 2, You shouldn’t be able to do 4.

B. Every 2mins x 5, do 1 set of the following couplet, and rest the remainder:
– EZ Bar curls x 10
– Ring Pushups x 10

C. 3RFT:
– KB Snatches x 7ea arm
– TTB x 14

Session II

A. Hang Clean High Pulls + Muscle Clean
5×1 (3-5+1)

B. Bench Press
4×5 @ 79%

C. Handstand Hold Practice
5-8mins of practice

D. “Grace” w/ Log
– Ground to Shoulder w/ log @ m.60kg,f.40kg

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