Is there any wonder why I love this guy! Strong as hell and flexible as a fricken gymnast! Dayum son!

Dmitry Klokov supple as


A. Hang Power Snatch
In 20mins, find 1RM, or 5×3@80%

B. Alactic Power Back Squat Intervals w/ Partner
This is a qualitative workout more so than a quantitative workout – that is, we are more interested in milimetre prescision rather than repetition counting. Partners will be acting as judges for each other. THIS IS CRUCIAL TO TODAY’S WORKOUT! If you are unfamiliar with the standards, YOU MUST ASK! Don’t deny you and your partner the chance to improve because you are afraid to ask a question – ask 🙂

In partners, working IGYG, EMOM have a partner complete a 10sec set of speed squats at a C0X0 tempo. The load will vary every set as below and the exercise will alternate between back and front squats each time you start a work set. It will go like this:
– Back Squats – 10sec work@40%,50%,60%,40%,50%,60%
– Front Squats – 10sec work@40%,50%,60%,40%,50%,60%

Count reps achieved and note load lifted. To be Rxd, you must:

– Squat below parrallel
– Keep spine the same shape throughout entire lift
– Not move feet once starting a rep (don’t swivel out/in, don’t rock onto toes/heels, keep still)
– Knees must be inline/outside line of toes
– Head up
– Elbows under bar
– Wrists behind bar (ie straight)
– Complete each rep at the Rxd tempo (ie C0X0)

This will take 24mins because each partner will do back squats @ 40%, then front squats @ 40% then back squats @50%, then front squats @ 50%, etc.


A. Hang Power Snatch

B. E2MOM, do a set of speed squats. Alternate the type of squat every other set till you have done 3sets of each:
– Back Squats – 10sec work@40%,50%,60%
– Front Squats – 10sec work@40%,50%,60%

C1. Snatch Pull to Knee
5×10 @
C2. Box Jump
3×5 @ m.30″,f.24″

D. 3RFT:
– Goblet Squat x 5
– KB Swings x 10
– Seated KB Twist x 15ea side
– Run 600m