Today I’m starting a new program. I’m going to be doing a little bit more weightlifting and strongman training over the next four weeks. As a little spice up to my regular training regime. I’m still running with my main lifts on 5/3/1 for the foreseeable future as I’m making incredible gains every week, why change! I’m just adding a little bit more strength bias to my lifting for the short term. I’m sacrificing my conditioning for a little bit in the longer aerobic stuff, but I’m super setting everything for assistance work, so I plan on pumping through these and tracking time taken to complete or rest breaks, etc so that I can really push my lactic capacity/power.

Read about what Day 1 of my new look program had in store for me…

A. Hang Power Snatch From Hips (82.5kgTM)
2@52.5kg(70%)-drove off toes, kept bar closer/better on 2nd but still leaning too far back on extension
2@60kg(80%)-felt very slow on both,focussed on driving off heels for extension but still not right, leaning too far forward in catch
2@67.5kg(90%)-missed my first lift. Not really correcting my heel drive error, or my anterior torso lean/lumber hyperlordosis fault

B. Press (85kgTM)
15@52.5kg(70%)-NEW 15RM!!!

C1. High Rep Bench Press (112.5kgTM)
C2. High T-bar Handle Sled Push

Time = 3:54 (holy SMOKES! that was awesome! Went unbroken for bench press except for last set I got 8+2 reps)

D1. Farmers Carry w/ Farmers Handles off 8″ platform
D2. Standing Concentration Curls

Time = 4:51 (once I had that puppy up in the air, my grip was strong enough to ride it home. Note – core is the weakest link in my body…go figure *cough*201cm*cough*)

E1. Weighted Neutral Grip Chinups
E2. Heavy Seated Press From Head Height
E3. Supine GHD Plank Hold

Time = 15:00 (a lot of time spent organising equipment, and I totally dawdled ;o)