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Bigdog’s Blog – 020714

It’s my little girl’s 2nd birthday today! Happy birthday Poppy Jayne! So flippin cute and so much fun! She’s totally going to be a handful but I absolutely adore her 🙂

Here’s my workout/s today. I did it in 3 parts because I was busy and had lots of appointments with about 30-60mins to spare between appointments. I feel very good this week. I’m liking this phase of my training. It’s fun, I’m learning lots as I’m doing something event-y every day (but keeping it pretty light). This strongman stuff is fun 🙂 Tomorrow is a rest day for me, so I’ll fill it with lots of mobility, skill work and I might do some Olympic Lifting. Basically, I’ll do whatever I feel like and not feel guilty if it’s nothing at all. We all need day’s like this from time to time.

Here’s my workload today:

Session I – 1200hrs

A. SA KB Press
3×10/arm @ 20kg

Session II – 1700hrs

B1. Floor Press
5×5@75% @ 77.5kg
B2. Powell Raise
5×10@3010 tempo @ 6kg

Session III – 1900hrs

C. Farmers Carry
3x30m@85% @ 74kg/hand (place handles down and turn around at 15m mark)

*I averaged 15-16sec per trip. The first one made me pukey because I didn’t really warm up properly. I rested 3mins between bouts to ensure I could put in max speed on the carry.

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