Bigdog’s Blog – 040714

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Bigdog’s Blog – 040714

My session today was repetition effort quad dominant day. I find rep effort days are the hardest for me, especially in squatting movements. I gotta work on my weaknesses, today is me doing that 🙂 *groan* 🙂

A. Back Squat
2×8-12@105kg (I managed 8reps at this weight…an 8RM PR!!!)

B1. Front Squat
B2. Zottman Curl
3×10 @ 10kg

C. Yoke

The Yoke felt light, but my right knee was so wobbly and weak that I felt like I was going to buckle on that side as I walked. Standing up with it felt really nice. It was a nice way to round out the events for the week. Tomorrow is my last session for the week – 1KB Bench Press, power clean and jerks, rotator cuff work, and some legless rope climbing practice. Should be good. I might throw in some keg work.

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