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Bigdog’s Blog – 050414

As a 200cm+/100kg+ dude, seeing this sort of thing inspires me. I’m not even in the same cosmos as this guy, but it makes me want to be better. To be more supple, to control my body better, to be stronger, to be able to do cool party tricks like this. When my daughter goes to school I want to walk her to school on my hands and have all the people look at her and say, “hey, there goes Poppy and her weird dad walking on his hands again…” or something like that 🙂


A1. Floor Press
3×10 @ 65kg (64%)
1×10@ 75kg
A2. Trap Bar Deadlift
3×10 @ 112.5kg (64%)
1×10 @ 122.5kg

B1. One arm braced overhead dumbbell presses
5×6-8 reps @ 30kg (30%BPWM) @ 40X0 tempo
B2. Neutral Grip Chinups

C. Weighted Dips
0@27.75kg – our dip bars are crap. Too wobbly! Note to self, buy or make some parallel bars or something that a freaking 201cm bloke can use. I’m sick of scraping my knees on the ground and using crap that can’t hold my hunjy-k butt up! End of rant. Angry cos couldn’t do my last set. Gonna go throw foam rollers at the wall and mutter weird words to myself.

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