Bigdog’s Blog – 050514

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Bigdog’s Blog – 050514

Session I

A. Press
3@52.5kg (70%)
3@60kg (80%)
7@67.5kg (90%)

B. AMRAP 4.5mins
– Ring Rows x 7
– 1DB Press x 7ea hand

I did this in broken sets. I made sure I did an equal amount on my weak side as my strong. For example, I went (7/7), (5/5+2/2), (3/3+2/2+1/1). I don’t like doing unilateral chippers like this where I’m doing uneven sets. I’ll always be imbalanced that way. Just my opinion and I feel like I get a great workout.

C1. Rear Delt Flyes
C2. Band Face Pulls
C3. T-rotations (T-pushups w/out the pushup)
2x7ea side (use a light DB if required)

Session II

A. Bench Press
5×8@67.5kg (65%)

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