Bigdog’s Blog – 060514

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Bigdog’s Blog – 060514

Read what I got up to today…

Session I

A. Back Squat
4×3@102.5kg (75%)

B. 4RFT:
– Run 200m
– Box Jumps x 18,14,10,6
– Walking Lunges x 18,14,10,6

Time = 6:53

C. 3RFT:
– Standing plate twists x 30alt @ m.15kg,f.10kg
– Squats w/ plate x 30 @ m.15kg,f.10kg

Time = 6:37

Session II

I had hang snatches and front squats on the agenda. But my knee was just too sore. I don’t think I’ll do a lower body focused met con for a while. I just don’t cope with it and I really wanted to snatch today. It has been a good reminder on keeping the goal the goal.

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