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Bigdog’s Blog – 061014

This past week/fortnight has been ridiculously busy for me. I haven’t had much time to get stuff done, but I’ve done a little bit here and there. I procrastinated writing in my diary for a couple of days but didn’t really do anything structured so didn’t really get to hung up on it. Today however, I was absolutely busy as. I started work at 0500hrs and finished up at the usual 2100hrs. Good times! Huge days and not much sleep equals poor metabolic function and overstressed adrenals. I need to get my sleep squared away, it’s really hard with my wrist. I am starting to think I might have a bit of carpal tunnel. I got a bit of cupping done last week to try and bring the inflammation down. Not sure if it’s getting better or if I’ve just been really tired, but I’m sleeping all the way through the night now, so that’s a positive. Just need to get to bed earlier!

I did a quick warmup, some hip releases and glute, ab and lat activations and then started warming up to do some deads with Beau and Nick between classes. I warmed up to whatever they were lifting and ended up doing a couple of PR’s. I then did some presses in the classes rest breaks for fun. I used whatever people were squatting with and pressed that 🙂

A. Deadlift
Build up to 2RM (182.5kg – NEW 2RM PR!!!!)
Continue and build up to 1RM (192.5kg – NEW 1RM PR!!!)

So despite feeling flat as a proverbial tack, I managed to hoist 192.5kg easily. I also lifted 200kg to my knees (it’s on video), but quit on it. I’ll get you soon 2dollar!

B. Presses
5,4,3,3,4 @ 70kg

So, moral of the story, you always have time to do SOMETHING. Sure I work in a gym, but I bet I work more hours than you and what do you reckon the LAST thing I want to do after being in the gym all day is? Yeah, I want outta here to go home to my girls. But I get the work done and do SOMETHING. And obviously the results are paying off for me aren’t they? I’m consistently making progress so that’s pretty cool. It won’t always be like this though. Eventually there’ll come a time when gains aren’t so easy to get. I’ll deal with that later. For now, I need to sleep better!

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