Bigdog’s Blog – 070714

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Bigdog’s Blog – 070714

Gaining weight sure does do things to your gymnastics! 6 chin-ups used to be like scoffing a paleo treat – easy as! Now it feels like I’m 107kg…wait…I am! 107.5kg I hit the scales this morning. I’m feeling beast strong and questioning my percentages on everything, except in gymnastics! Oh well. Just so long as I can do 3-5 strict full range of motion handstand pushups and a couple of strict muscle ups on the rings I’m happy. Here’s what I did today.

A. E2MOM x 5
– Deadlift x 2@135kg

B. E4MOM x 3:
– Continental Axle Cleans x 2reps @ 78.5kg
– EZ Bar Curl x 8-10@25kg
– SA Bent Over Row x 15-18/arm @ 24kg

C. E2MOM x 3:
– Semi-Supinated Chinups x 6reps
– Glute Ham Raise x 3 reps

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