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Bigdog’s Blog – 080514

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Scottie Sims and I decided to play around with some of The Outlaw Way’s Outlaw Connectivity programming. It was a great Active Rest Day workout. Great stuff by the guys over at The Outlaw Way.

A. Warmup/Mobility Intervals
3 x 0:30 on/off for each position:
– Handstand Pike Off Box
– Seated Pike
– Toe Touch

B. Static Shaping Intervals
3 x 0:30 on/off for:
– Hollow Hold on Back

C. Core Conditioning
8 x 0:15 on/off for:
– Hollow Rocks

D. Dynamic Conditioning
6 x 0:15 on/0:45 off for:
– Kipping HSPU

E. Metabolic Conditioning
– Seal Walk x 10m
– AssBike x 10cal
– Box Jumps x 10 @ 24″
– Abmat Situps x 10

Bigdog’s Time = 9:09
Scottie’s Time = 9:04


Awesome ideas and I think I’ll be doing some of this very regularly in my personal programming.

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