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Bigdog’s Blog – 080714

Today was Dynamic Effort day for the Press. I love presses so despite being really busy, I managed to sneak in my workout 🙂 When I plan my week, I like to make my busiest day the day I do my favourite workout. That’s how I make sure I get it done! I’ll never miss a day if I actually WANT to train. And that’s another thing, I don’t think ‘workout’ these days. I always think ‘training session’. I’m so busy these days and a bit banged up from years of high impact basketball and I’m a little older now so my body is in a bit of pain from old injuries, so I really don’t like to push past the limits I know that my body can handle (this is from experience, not just some wishy washy feeling). So I like to look at my training program from time to time (read – repeatedly) and tweak it to account for how I feel. Last week was the first week in a long time where I didn’t have residual knee pain or soreness. The volume was perfect! My recovery strategies were perfect! I nailed it! Now, my job is to use last week as a baseline. If I feel better then I know I’ve done something really right. If I feel like crap, then I know I’ve done something wrong. I’ll always need to tweak, but last week is my gauge for how effective my little tweaks are. Simple right? I learned that from Dan John in his book Never Let Go. Go read that book. It’s excellent. If you’re a trainer or are moderately interested in your own health and fitness, it’s essential reading in my opinion.

A1. Press
A2. GHD Situps

*I aimed to execute the presses with a powerful and explosive concentric force. I controlled each rep eccentrically and my tempo could be written as C0X0. Control down, explode up, no rest at the top or bottom.

B2. Powell Raise
5×10@3010 tempo @ 6kg

C. Farmers Carry

3,3,4 reps (last set I kipped because I just did, and fat lot of extra good it did.)


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