I decided to tweak my new program a little bit. I wasn’t happy spending 2hrs doing strength training. Ain’t nobody got time for that!


So I borrowed a bit of volume ideology from Bob Takano and integrated that into my planning…AWESOME! I feel like he’s hit the nail on the head in terms of volume. I’ve always liked the Block Periodization Concept by Vladmir Issurin. Integrating Takano’s volume tracking method with my Block Periodized program has resulted in quite an interesting set of workouts. It’s also made programming across an entire macrocycle (month/s) easier and I’ve got a bit more structure to my own personal annual plan.

Good stuff!

See what I got up to today. The numbers in the brackets are Takano’s method for tracking volume. First number is the number of repetitions performed of the exercise. The second number is the number of repetitions performed in the workout up to that point. The third number is the number of repetitions performed this whole week. Obviously, it being Monday, means my workout total and weekly totals are identical. In case you were wondering why 🙂

A. Hang Snatch
2@52.5kg (70%)
2@60kg (80%)
2@67.5kg (90%)

B. Front Squats
3@87.5kg (70%)
3@100kg (80%)
AMRAP@112.5kg (90%)
AMRAP@87.5kg (70%)

C1. Clean Pull
3×7@117.5kg (70%)
C2. Sled Push w/ Tbar
C3. GHD Situp

Time = 7:02