I ran out of time working out today. I had 30mins including warmup to do a session. I got a good 20mins movement prep in and then did a quick lot of hang power snatches and presses. I managed to set two PR’s in the Press which excited me! Press is my favourite exercise. It’s my goat since injuring my rotator cuff 3-4years ago. I couldn’t even do one pullup or a press a 16kg properly. I was a mess. What started out as a journey of rehabilitation has become a journey of passion and I’m motivated as to see what I can accomplish. I crave to one day put a dollar over my head. It’ll happen, but I have to work. It starts with days like today!

See what I did today…

A. Hang Power Snatch

B. Press
3@52.5kg (70%)
3@60kg (80%)
8@67.5kg (90%)-NEW 8RM!!!
12@52.5kg (70%)-NEW 12RM!!!

C1. Bar Dips
C2. Plate Curls