I got a massage this morning and smashed some Lectric soda last night. Focussed on my forearms, wrists and left foot. The outside of my calf was ridiculously painful to massage and I was rolling all around the table like crazy. Phillipa Richardson is sadistic and evil and I hate her. She’s awesome. My foot feels better and I’ve got a bit more range in my wrist now. I was going to do some deadlifts, but my back felt a little funky after my last carry.

A. Farmers Carry
– 2 x 15m @ 64kg/hand
– 15m @ 100kg/hand
– 3m @ 114.25kg/hand (I tried to just hang on and be patient with it. It came up with a fight and I managed to hold on for 4 or 5 steps.)
– Failed to get the 114.25kg up again and kinda tweaked my QLs a little bit

B. Floor Press