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Bigdog’s Blog – 140414

Tonight while waiting for my stupid computer to work, Michelle’s daughter, Bronte, and I busted out some karaoke. She said she loved Eminem and Daryl Braithwaite – how very eclectic Bronte dear! haha

Heres our rendition of “The Horses” by Daryl Braithwaite – enjoy! 🙂

Work up to max  load in complexSession I

A. Hang Snatch
82.5kg – NEW 1RM!!!

B. Hang Clean & Jerk
100kg – NEW 1RM!!!

I feel very strong, missing my lifts at the upper ranges due to technical faults, not weakness I think. Technical training will bust me through this plateau. My goal now is to get a 90kg snatch and 110kg clean & jerk. I narrowly missed the 110kg clean today and am way off the jerk for it. I don’t feel confident at 90kg right now either…give me 2-3 months 🙂

C. Overhead Squat
70kg – NEW 2RM!!!

Session II

A. Bench press
3@72.5kg (70%)
3@82.5kg (80%)
5@92.5kg (90%)

B. Press
7×3@57.25kg (75%)

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