Bigdog’s Blog – 140714

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Bigdog’s Blog – 140714

Session I – 0745hrs

A. Press

B1. Floor Press
B2. Powell Raise
5×10@6kg @ 3010 tempo

I experimented with different body positions for the Powell Raise. My favourite one so far is setting up as if in a Side Plank position with your forearm on the ground, but resting your hips on the ground. This got my rear delts like nothing else!

Session II – 2000hrs

C. 1-arm Upright Rows
3×10/arm @ 12kg @ 3010 tempo
2×10/arm @ 16kg @ 3010 tempo

D. Farmers Carry
Worked up to 99.25kg and felt pretty good (a PR by the way).
Went for 109.75kg 3-4 times and missed.
I felt like quitting, I walked to the camera to turn it off then decided to go again. I picked up my skirt and dropped my ego/pride and load I got up and carried 104.25kg/hand and carried it for 10m. I was a bit pumped 🙂 I honestly feel my grip is pretty strong. When I get something up, I can pretty much carry it. I need a bit of work in everything else now 🙂

A happy day at the office. Now, to run a kilometre home to see my girls. ‘Nite!

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