So, today’s my birthday. I had a hot chocolate with fish and chips and onion rings. Delicious! I spent the bulk of the morning chilling with my wife and daughter. Great times! I banged out a few programs in the ago and smashed out a lifting session too. Here’s what I got up to today…

A. Hang Snatch
3@55kg (75%)
2@62.5kg (85%)
1@70kg (95%)

B. Front Squats
5@92.5kg (75%)
3@105kg (85%)
1@117.5kg (95%)

C. Log Presses
I played around with the log all day after each class, I put 95kg on it and practiced cleaning and pressing it. I need to power jerk it to get it up and it’s near on impossible to do incorrectly at that weight for me. It’s too awkward. So, I do it for 2-3 reps each time. My goal is to get out a set of 5 by the end of the week. It all comes down to skill for me at that weight. Going light tends to teach me nothing about its awkwardness and odd nature. I love it. One day I want to be able to press the log like the strongman greats. In a few years I’ll be there. It all starts now! First goal is to crack the 100kg mark. I could probably go for that this week. It’s only 5kg heavier, but that feels like a tonne sometimes! You know what I mean? haha

Good times 🙂