Bigdog’s Blog – 190314

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Bigdog’s Blog – 190314

I did a bit of practice today on my clutch flag holds. Fun times 🙂

Sweat Session – 0930hrs:

A. Bench Press

B. For Time:
Part 1 – Do 5 rounds…

– Crawl x 10m
– Butterfly Situps x 10
– Backwards Crawl x 10m
– Butterfly Situps x 10

Part 2 – Do 1 round…
– Row x 500m
– Burpee x 10
– Run x 400m
– Burpee x 10

Time = 14:54


I really tried to crawl properly – in other words – moving opposite arms and legs at the same time, not same side straight walking! I went as quick as I could with good technique and was pretty slow in my situps – moving my big rig proves tough sometimes 🙂

I liked this workout, it was refreshing.

Strength Session – 1345hrs:

A. Press
7@62.5kg-NEW 7RM!!!

B1. Pendlay Row
3×8@2022 @ 30kg
B2. Semi Supinated Floor Press
3×12 @ 45kg
B3. Band Press Downs
3×15 @ purple

Skill Session – 1630hrs

A. Diagonal Half Tuck Clutch Flag Practice
Spent about 10mins reading, practicing, laughing, and sucking in general 🙂

B. Tuck Front Lever
Spent about 5mins having a go on the bars and pushing myself to get to a half tuck front lever. I have decided that I have stupid heavy legs…I just measured them, they are 117cm long and no doubt they weigh about 30kg each!

I’ve decided I’ll be the worlds tallest gymnast – booyah!

C. Hang Snatch

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