Here’s a bit of my workout from yesterday

See what I got up to today…

Session I

A1. Press
5@50kg (65%)
5@57.5kg (75%)
9@65kg (85%) – NEW 9RM!!!
AMRAP@50kg (65%)
* New cycle for Press. Add 1.25kg to your Training Max for the Press, eg if your current TM=82.5kg, you now have TM=85kg. New WM = 76.5kg
A2. Weighted Pullups
4×3 w/ 16kg KB @ 103.5kg BW

Session II

A. Snatch BalanceBTN Snatch Grip Push Press
In 10mins, work up to a 5RM. I got 77kg as my 5RM for the BTN SG PP.

B1. Bench Press
3×10@65kg (65%)
B2. HSPU AMRAP unbroken
B3. TTB AMRAP unbroken

I HATE HSPU’s! I’m so long and heavy. At 201cm and 103kg, HSPUs are always going to be a tricky hard endeavour. But challenge accepted! I’ll keep working at them. I might add some heavy rack lockout presses  to my regime as a bit of assistance work. It’s definitely a strength to bodyweight ratio rather than a lever issue – but it definitely is an issue for me 🙂

C. For time, do “Grace” w/ a keg:
– Ground to Overhead w/ Keg x 30 reps

Time = 1:52 @ 20kg

I just wanted to go unbroken and do it fast. So, because I’d never done it before, I went very light and am glad I did because my form was atrocious and I slowed down to correct it. I don’t think it’s humanly possible for me to go quicker at this stage, so my goal is to stay under 2mins and increase my weight and change implements from time to time. This is Rob Orlando’s Grace Challenge. 

Challenge accepted big guy!