What makes Move Strong Gymnasium different to other gyms is that we’re a progressive gym. Whether we are CrossFitters, Powerlifters, Strongman competitors, or training for individual or team sports or just for our own personal development, we always train to perform better, get stronger, be faster. We don’t just go to the gym to get a bit of ‘cardio’ or to ‘burn’ calories. Our programs are based on linear progressions, and we encourage and assist all of our members to achieve new PR’s and goals consistently.

I am dedicated to helping others achieve their athletic performance goals. This truly is my passion, and I love to see others progress, just as much (and even more so) than seeing myself progress. It’s for this reason that I feel impressed to give away my ”BigDog Linear Progression’ program to all our readers for FREE! I usually charge around $310 for an Individualised Programme, but, hey, it’s Christmas. So here’s my gift to you!

This is my go to program whenever I need a change in what I do. I’ve run a similar program for hundreds of people. It works. It’s simple. Every rep should be fast and punchy, no grindy reps. A miss is not ever going to happen in this program. Failure is simply when are unable to do the rep fast and without confidence. There is, I repeat, no missed reps. No bailing. No need for a spotter. You will make every rep. If you can’t, and you’re not sure you can, you go to the next phase of the progression. Simple.

Click this link to view your FREE pdf copy: bigdog-linear-progression