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MindSet, Breathing & Strength Training

Strength training requires not just a Strong Body, but also a Strong Mind. Often trainees miss a lift, not because they are not strong enough, but because they are not mindful enough. They let the matter overcome the mind. Breathing exercises can help to create a stronger MindSet. Not only[…]

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Eating for Your Metabolic Type

Have you been trying to ‘eat clean’ but still you’re not losing weight, or perhaps you’re failing to reach your training goals? This could be because you’re not eating for your Metabolic Type. Research is now showing that different body types correspond with different hormonal and sympathetic nervous system characteristics,[…]

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Are you living your truth?

“Every minute you’re alive you’re energising your ‘truth’ or your ‘not truth,’ and the more you energise your ‘not truth,’ the stronger your shadow becomes” – Paul Chek   In his book, The Last Four Doctors You’ll Ever Need, Paul Chek speaks about your ‘truth’ as being your ‘core values’:[…]

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Is it time to step it up?

We’re past half-way through the year now – how are your new year’s resolutions going you created all those months ago?! Are you trying to take your training to next level? Do you need to get re-motivated? Are you questioning: is it all really worth your time and money? Before[…]

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Gene Testing for Your Nutrition & Exercise Needs

Are you confused by all the nutritional diets out there? Do you wonder if your training program suits your genetic type?   With our Functional Medicine Buccal Swab Gene test, we can find out exactly what your body needs in terms of diet, nutrition & exercise, so that you don’t[…]

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Active Release Technique Treatments

Active Release Technique Treatments now available at Move Strong Gym Are you suffering from:   – Headaches – Back pain – Carpal tunnel syndrome – Shin splints – Shoulder pain – Sciatica – Plantar fasciitis – Knee problems – Tennis elbow   All these conditions have one important thing in[…]

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