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Gene Testing for Your Nutrition & Exercise Needs

Are you confused by all the nutritional diets out there? Do you wonder if your training program suits your genetic type?   With our Functional Medicine Buccal Swab Gene test, we can find out exactly what your body needs in terms of diet, nutrition & exercise, so that you don’t[…]

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Active Release Technique Treatments

Active Release Technique Treatments now available at Move Strong Gym Are you suffering from:   – Headaches – Back pain – Carpal tunnel syndrome – Shin splints – Shoulder pain – Sciatica – Plantar fasciitis – Knee problems – Tennis elbow   All these conditions have one important thing in[…]

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We’ve got an exciting new service that is sure to take your training – and your whole life, like seriously, your whole life and YOU! – to the next level…   Combining individualised training with clinical nutrition, functional medicine, mindfulness, life coaching, and active release therapy…Nothing will stop you from[…]

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8 Misconceptions About CrossFit

Originally called “The Woodstock of Fitness”, the first CrossFit Games were first held in 2007 on Dave Castro’s family ranch in California. Last year at this time, there were just more than 13,000 affiliates. Today, it has surpassed 14,500. 2018 promises to be a landmark year for the CrossFit Games.[…]

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Second Person Trains FREE!

Sign up with a buddy to our VIP Platinum Personal Training Membership, and the second person trains FREE! Are you lost in a slump? Are you unmotivated to move? Are you sick of how you look and feel…and it keeps getting worse each year? Grab your partner or your BFF,[…]

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