CrossFit Devonport-050216

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CrossFit Devonport-050216

So how did you like Wednesday’s overhead squats? Most people struggle with them due to either mobility or stability, rather than shear lack of strength. I know a few of you made some goals to improve, that’s awesome 🙂 Here’s a little troubleshoot that might help with your overhead squats.

Elbow bending in overhead fault
– stretch lats on rack
– stretch stretch pecs and biceps with counter stretch

Leaning forward in squat fault
– stretch hip flexors in couch stretch

Lack of depth in squat fault
– stretch glutes in pigeon stretch off bench/box/floor

Lack of ankle flexion in squat fault
– stretch gastrocnemius with straight leg wall stretch
– stretch sole us with bent leg wall stretch

Feet swivel outward while squatting fault
– stretch piriformis with half lord of fishes pose

A. TnG Power clean and push jerk

B. “Grace”
30 C&J for time @ 60/42.5kg

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