CrossFit Devonport – 110116

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CrossFit Devonport – 110116

Well done to our affiliate cup team for their efforts in round 1. Going up against the fittest athletes in the state was tough! So many well dones were earned! We came 5th but only just which is very exciting and promising! This week will be another great event. Please come and support. It was so good to have all those people who came down to support us. Thank you so much!

New year, new programming phase, new personal records ready to be smashed! Dedicate yourself to this new year by coming and training at the best damn place in town. Let’s have fun!

We are changing up the strength elements so when we do our linear progression usually, if you’ve plateaued or stagnated or are ready to change, jump on into this new strength program. It is very basic, but as you’ll notice, there’s a few omissions and additions. We want you to get ready for the open in a few weeks 🙂


Let’s get ready and do it together!

A. Back Squat
5,5,5,5 30X1 tempo (moderate load, sets across)

B. 14 min AMRAP
– 11 Box Jumps 24/20’’
– 22 KB Swings @24/16kg
– Run 200m

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