CrossFit Devonport – 271115

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CrossFit Devonport – 271115

Reminder…there is only the one class today at 0615hrs. There is no more classes until Monday. If you’ve got a 24/7 pass you may use the gym at any time. If you’d like to get your own 24/7 pass, contact Bigdog or Filly and we’ll sort you out. Contact us for more info.

A. After warming up to your working weights for today, E3min x 3rds of:
– Overhead progressions
– Box jumps x 2-5 @ high

B. AMRAP 20mins
2rds of:
– Air squats x 29
– Run/row x 200m
– Burpees x 29
– Run/row x 200m
– Back lunges x 29
– Run/row x 200m
– Dips x 29
– Run/row x 200m
In remaining time, if you finish this, complete AMRAP C&J @ m.60kg,f.42.5kg


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