CrossFit Devonport – 280116

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CrossFit Devonport – 280116

Hey guys and girls, it’s that time of year again, the CrossFit Open is nigh upon us! This is an annual event where CrossFitters around the world complete the same workout as each other with the aim of comparing scores one with another. This year, same as last year, there will be a scaled division. I personally plan on doing the scaled division this year but there’s a few guys and girls at our gym who will kick butt at the RXd division. I can’t wait to see what the WODs are!

Now, here’s a challenge hehe…who thinks they’ll beat me? I’m keen to throw down with all of you and see how we all compare. The second challenge isn’t so much about beating any other person, but rather setting a benchmark for yourself in terms of movement, ability, strength and fitness. You set this benchmark this year, and the year after you try and improve.

Its a really great time of year. Lots of stuff happening in CrossFit land. But first, everyone needs to come down and support our troops in the final round of the Affiliate Cup 2016. It’s at our very own Move Strong Gym, home of CrossFit Devonport.

A. Mobility

B. EMOM 16mins
Odd-3 bar muscleups (3pullups + 3dips)
Even-20 abmat situps

Cashout- row 3000m swapping with a partner every 500m

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