DIY Chemical-Free Father’s Day Workshop

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DIY Chemical-Free Father’s Day Workshop

When: Sat 3 Sept, 2pm-3pm
Where: Devonport Community House (10 Morris Street)
Cost: $20 (to make and take three gifts)

Still need to get Dad a present for Father’s Day? Why not come along to this hands-on DIY Chemical-Free Father’s Day Workshop and learn how to make three natural, therapeutic personal care products? Kids are more than welcome to come along with an adult to make Dad some gifts! And if you’re a guy and want to learn how to make something for yourself, feel free to come along too 🙂

During the workshop you will make:

– Dirty Man Scrub
– Woodsy Cologne
– Manly Muscle Rub

All of the products will be made from natural ingredients, including 100% pure, therapeutic-grade Young Living essential oils. All ingredients and containers for the products will be supplied. You won’t believe how quick and easy it is to make your own personal care products! And it’s also super cheap – it is literally only $20 to make three high-quality, natural products, including the cost of the containers.

So why would you bother making Dad these gifts? Well, not only is it fun and more heart-felt, but these gifts will help to support his health and wellbeing, rather than make him sick like other conventional personal care products. Did you know that men’s products usually contain chemicals that can lead to cancer, obesity, asthma, chronic health problems and impaired male reproductive health? Cologne can be even more dangerous because not only is it absorbed through the skin but it is also inhaled when sprayed. Phthalates, for example, are a common component of men’s fragrance, shaving creams and deodorants and has been linked to sperm damage, testicular cancer and can disrupt male hormones. And that is just one of the thousands of dangerous toxins in men’s products. While these toxins are used in small amounts in products, using them everyday, over many years, can lead to very serious health issues. So help Dad ditch the dangerous stuff, and make him some healthful gifts with our therapeutic Young Living essential oils.

As spaces are limited, we would appreciate that you book in and pay prior to the workshop. You can purchase your ticket online here, cash at the gym, or EFT payment to:

Move Strong Pty Ltd
BSB: 067 402
ACC: 1048 7842

If you’re bringing a child/children to help make gifts for Dad, you only need to pay for one set of products (unless the kids would like to make a set each, in which case it would be $20 for each set of products made). If you are bringing kids, please email us to let us know their ages so we can cater information/activities to their level.

Looking forward to seeing you there!

Filipa Bellette
Young Living Essential Oils
Independent Distributor – #3251390
0408 707 249

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