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Howdy there. I’m Filipa, BigDog’s littler half, and I’ve been thinking for awhile of starting my own blog here on Move Strong with my thoughts on nutrition, health and wellbeing. Thought it might give a nice balance to Chris’ more ‘training’ focussed blog and WOD posts.

Eat Strong I shall call this blog, and eat strong I shall!

I’m no expert on nutrition by any means (yet! Mwahaha. I’m currently studying nutritional medicine), but I’m so incredibly passionate, after reading this book on eating traditional foods exactly one year ago, about using food to heal and fuel my body. Before this, I always thought I ate healthy. Toasted muesli for breakkie. Salad sandwich for lunch. A muesli bar and piece of fruit in the arvo (and sometimes a couple – or more! – cookies to keep me going to dinner). Stir fry and rice for dinner. Oh, and always a piece of cake or some such sugary sweet morsel to finish the day off (I’d worked hard all day, I deserved it, ok? Don’t judge me!). Anyways, all that was about to change. And has changed. And is still changing as I learn more and experiment with food more to find out what works best for my body.

My. There is SO MUCH I’d like to write in this first blog. But I thought I’d start with the roots of food.

The soil.

The seed.

The sun. The rain. The wind. The wonderful creation of world.

And then a root. Splits seed. And a stalk. And a wonderful dirt-flecked living plant is plucked from the earth by man.

And this, my move strong eat strong friends, brings me to the Farmers’ Market.

Oh how I love you saturday-morning-farmers’-market nutrient-goodness!

While Daddy was at the gym training fit and strong people yesterday morning, Poppy (that’s my girl, and BigDog’s girl, she’s pretty cute, we do think) and I bundled up in our jackets and headed on down to the Devonport Farmers’ Market. Is it weird that I wake up all giddy on Farmers’ Market day like I’m a six year old on Christmas morning? I just love that market place filled with local food and people. And this is why:

celeriac  P5243106

The friendly, wrinkled farmers, with their big wide smiles and dirt cracked hands telling you stories of how they grew their produce and what you can do with it. A few months ago I’d NEVER tasted celeriac until this family brought it to town. Try it. It’s yum. Kind of like a mix between celery and parsley. You can eat it raw. Roast it. Steam it and mash it. It’s an excellent source of potassium. And how COOL do they look? They remind me of punk rockers with bright green mohawks!


P5243095  P5243102

Mr Apple-Man you are the apple of my eye! This farmer always puts a smile on my dial. And his apples and pears rock! So tasty and crispy and I love how he thows me a couple to eat and try before I buy (or maybe he gives me the apple to keep Miss Poppy quiet. Look at her munching away on that crunchy gala delight).

P5243091  P5243092

NO SPRAYS. This is perhaps one of my very favourite reasons for buying local produce at the Farmers’ Market. Some wonderful, health-conscious farmers sell produce that is ‘spray free’ at a super cheap price. This pretty much means the produce is organic, however they’re not registered with Australian Organics so they can’t call their produce ‘organic’ (plus the soil the produce is grown in may have traces of pesticides, etc, from previous crops, so not ‘completely’ organic). Regardless, I get pretty chuffed when I see the ‘no spray’ scribble as I know the fruit and veggies will have significantly less toxic stuff stuck to their outsides and their insides. $1.50 for spray-free apples? Haaallo? Who could say no?

P5243099  P5243105

Connors Produce, a family farm in Sheffield, are always at the market rain or shine. Today I spoke to one of the sons who told me about how his 81 year old dad is still farming, using hydroponic methods to grow his lettuces. 81 years old and still farming?! I wanted to buy everything from their stall! I really liked that I could ask whether the produce is local, how it was grown and whether pesticides were used. Although I’m not much of a fan of hydroponic farming (traditional methods are always the way to go…more on that later in another post), I liked that I could find out how the produce was created. You can’t get that information out of the check-out-chicks at Woollies or Coles! If you want a box of local fruit and veggies dropped off right at your doorstep, get in touch with Connors Produce.


And here are my goodies splayed out on my recycled timber dining table (which, I might add, I recently purchased from Picture This Tasmania and which I am still utterly besotted with…And it’s sustainable, made from recycled timber! But I digress…sorry, I just really, really, really like my new table…).

Thank you all you wonderful North-West Tassie farmers. I will think of you when I feed my family this week!

There are so many reasons why you should shop at the farmers’ market…It supports your local farmer (who often get the short end of the stick from bigger corporations). It’s ecological and sustainable, with little carbon foot-print. It offers affordable ‘organic’ produce, free of harmful toxins that wreak havoc on your body. It offers seasonal foods, which means the produce will be fresher and more nutrient-dense. Eating nutrient-dense food is key to good health, to moving strong, to living strong.

Do you shop at your local farmers’ market? I noticed that the majority of the shoppers were elderly people (probably because that’s how they grew up – eating real food). There were a few younger people, mostly mums with kids. But I think there should be so many more of all ages hanging out and purchasing from such a great place! I had to duck up to Coles after the market to get some white vinegar (I use this as a chemical-free fabric softner…and no, our clothes don’t come out smelling like salad dressing!), and there were stacks of people there buying fruit and veggies. Why, people, why?

So Chris and I thought…Who wants to go on a Farmers’ Market excursion one Saturday, maybe after the group training session? We could all wear our Move Strong tees and have a chat to the farmers and buy some goods from them. Cheesy, I know, haha. But it could help us get into the habit of shopping there regularly.

The Devonport Farmers’ Market occurs every 2nd and fourth Saturday from 8:30am-12pm at the Devonport Showgrounds. Be there people!

Filly 🙂

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