Filly’s blog – Luscious Lime Easter Eggs

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Filly’s blog – Luscious Lime Easter Eggs

Happy Easter everyone!

Ok, so my homemade eggs aren’t the prettiest ever, but at least they’re healthy! These little beauts are full of good fats and naturally flavoured with pure, organic lime essential oil for a citrusy twist. Haven’t ever tasted lime flavoured chocolate, so I thought I’d give it a go. I’m always up for some kitchen cuisine experimentalisation!

lmeLime essential oil is also helpful in reducing fever, infections, sore throats and colds. Lime oil has a fresh, lively fragrance that is stimulating and refreshing, and can help overcome exhaustion, depression and listlessness. I love applying a couple of drops on the back of neck/spine for a quick lift-me-up. I also like putting a drop on the back of my hand and licking the residue oil off my skin…no real reason, just cause it’s nom nom! Haha. And cause I’m a bit weird 😜



And here’s the recipe for my Luscious Lime Easter Eggs:

250g cacao butter
80g raw cacao
80g rice malt syrup
70g coconut oil
8 drops lime essential oil
Goji berries, coconut chips, cashews and buckwheat to decorate

*other flavour options: other essential oils such as lavender, peppermint, orange or grapefruit, or nut butter, vanilla bean, berries.

Melt cocao butter in a heatproof bowl over a pot of boiling water. Once melted, take off heat and add all other ingredients. Whisk together until all ingredients are well combined.

Pour into greased egg moulds and sprinkle each egg with a combination of goji berries, coconut, cashews and buckwheat. Freeze for 30min or until set.

* if you just want to make chocolate, pour into ice cube trays or on a slab of baking paper.

** When using essential oils in cooking, always make sure to use a pure, organic, high quality brand, such as Young Living.

If you’re planning to come to our essential oils night on Saturday (2 April, 7pm) and have a favourite aroma you’d like to try in food, let me know and I’ll bring along a special oil infused treat for you to try! 😍🍴

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