Filly’s blog – Rashy madness!

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Filly’s blog – Rashy madness!

Ok, so this is probably the first time I’ve ever flashed my belly (not a very pretty belly, that’s for sure!) on social media…and hopefully the last, haha.


When I started using essential oils, I’d get a little bit excited when one of us got sick (sounds weird, I know! I’m a mad, sadistic mother!), cause it meant I could experiment to see which oils work best for certain conditions. Well when this REALLY weird and painful and itchy and hot rash appeared on my stomach (originally over my liver, and then it spread across my belly, and got really fluidy and swollen – I look like I’m preggas in the last photo!), I got to work with my oils.

I did some research to find melaleuca (tea tree) and lavender oil have anti-histamine properties. I guessed the rash was hives (an allergic reaction to something…although still don’t know what…maybe dairy? I’d been (mostly) dairy-free for a few months, and was enticed to a naughty ice chocolate and crepes last Thursday – the next day the rash erupted), so thought lavender and tea tree would work well. I applied them directly onto the rash to start off with, and to be honest, didn’t find them hugely helpful – the tea tree made it itchy; the lavender was better – soothing, but didn’t help much with the inflammation or itch. oils1

However, I didn’t give up! I tried diffusing them instead, tea tree in the day, and lavender at night and it was amazing how much they helped. The aroma was really calming, and my rash stopped itching when I had the oils diffusing. The lavender also helped me sleep, when the night before, when I didn’t have the oil diffusing, I was up all night scratching and wriggling around. The tissue salt spray in the photo also helped the inflammation settle down when I took it orally.

I still needed something that I could apply topically to settle the redness and burning of the rash down. I really didn’t want to take anti-histamines or use a steroidal cream – I was going to beat this thing naturally! So I went to visit Nelly at The Health Nut in East Devonport yesterday, and she suggested I try colloidal silver gel. It has worked a charm! The redness, itch and burning has settled down immensely today. So hopefully with the oils and the gel, my spotty belly will go back to its normal self very soon!

Orthodox medicine does have its place – it can save lives. However there are always natural, complimentary medicines which can work just as effectively, and without all the nasty side-effects that come along with drugs. Therapeutic-grade Essential oils are one of those natural medicines, and should have a place in everyone’s home

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