Filly’s blog – snuff the snoring with oils!

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Filly’s blog – snuff the snoring with oils!

BigDog likes to sleep. And when he sleeps he’s out. Unfortunately his vocal chords have other ideas in mind. His snoz turns into an unharmonious trumpet, and I have to shove an elbow in his rib to stop his night-time rackets!

So, when I was doing a bit of reading on essential oils, and I stumbled across some oils that may help with snoring, I was keen to put them to the test!

snoreFirst I rubbed a blend called RC on Chris’ neck. RC is a Young Living blend that combines a few different eucalyptus oils, with myrtle, marjoram, lavender, cypress, tsuga and peppermint. It’s really good for the respiratory system, and in the case of snoring, can help open up the airways during sleep. Then I put a couple of drops of peppermint oil in Chris’ hand and got him to cup his hand over his mouth and nose and breath the oil in. This also really helped to clear his sinuses and open his airways. He always complains of not being able to smell, so I get him to inhale some basil oil as well, as this can help revert conditions that cause loss of smell.

The first time we did this ritual, alas there was no snoring from his big mug! I’m up a few times a night with Elsie, so I would constantly hear Chris snoring. But not this oily night! The best part was that Chris’ non-snoring lasted for about a week, after which we applied the oils again – and again another week without snoring. We do this now once a week, and it’s helped immensely with his noisy gurgling. Really, the only time I hear him is when the week is almost up!

Got a noisy sleeping partner? Splash them with some oils! You’ll both get a much better sleep – and your room will smell delicious.

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