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Stay motivated this winter by signing up to our FREE 2-Week CrossFit Trial!

You’ll receive up to $400 worth of FREE training and nutrition services – no-strings-attached!

When you attend our CrossFit Devonport classes, you’ll know instantly that we have something different – something special – going on. We don’t just ‘workout’ to ‘lose weight’ (although your body composition will, naturally, change for the better!) or as a punishment for eating that big fat piece of cake at lunchtime. We train for performance, and because it’s fun and empowering, and because we feel good when we learn to move with accuracy, and when we see ourselves and each other become stronger, faster, and more proficient. We focus on technique and moving well. We don’t just chuck on a track and tell you to bounce around like a red-puffy-faced monkey. We teach, and inspire, and push you to a level of physical and mental ability that you never thought possible! The best bit about our strength and conditioning classes is that you will be surrounded by a bunch of awesome, like-minded CrossFitters who motivate and support each other. We are a community gym, one big sweaty, hard-working, goofy family!

We welcome all kinds to our CrossFit classes – young and old, athletes and recovering couch potatoes, the strong and the not-yet-strong. Our classes are small group training, so we can even cater for those with injuries, pregnant and post-partum women, and those recovering from surgery and with other special needs.


So what are you waiting for? Check out CrossFit Devonport now by signing up to our ‘no-strings-attached’ FREE 2-week Trial. This special winter trial will end 31 July – so don’t delay or you will miss out! When you sign up for the trial, you’ll receive a FREE Personal Training Functional Movement Screen (valued at $40) to assess your movement patterns, and detect any pain or dysfunction. This is paramount for our coaches to know so that we can individualise our CrossFit programme to your ability level. You’ll also receive FREE 4 x 30min Initiation Workshops (valued at $160) which will involve teaching you movements and techniques commonly used in our CrossFit classes, to make your transition into the classes seamless. And after your’ve completed your screen and workshops, you’ll receive a FREE week or so to experience our CrossFit classes (RRP$36.25). That’s $236.25 worth of training services that you will receive for FREE when you sign up to your 2-week trial! And if you don’t think CrossFit is for you after the 2-weeks, you’re free to walk away.


If you do fall in love with our CrossFit classes (and it’s a fact that most people do fall in love and continue with their CrossFit journey), we’ll throw in our 12-Week Wellness Nutrition & Lifestyle Program (RRP$165) for FREE if you sign up as a CrossFit member after your 2-week Trial. With our carefully designed training program, alongside our closely monitored nutrition program, you will be unstoppable in achieving your goals!

Contact us to get started – flick us a FB message or email or call Head Coach Chris on 0402 733 944 or Admin & Events Manager Filipa on 0408 707 249.

Not interested in CrossFit classes? We have a range of other services available, including 24/7 Gym Access, Private Coaching, Individualised Programming, Kids & Youth ClassesStrongman Classes and DIY Chemical-Free Workshops.

***Please help spread the word about our special winter 2-Week CrossFit Trial by jumping onto FaceBook and sharing this winter promo, and tagging your friends’ names in the comments below. At the end of July, everyone who has shared this post and tagged their friends in the comments below will go into the draw to WIN 2 Dozen Mixed Raw Treats (RRP$72) created by strong mover and chef Lisa S!***

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