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For a limited time only, we’d love to offer you a FREE 7 Day Pass to try out our CrossFit Group Training classes! All you need to do is book in to your first session, and we will get you started with your FREE 7 Day Pass. Feel free to bring along a workout buddy – or two or three!

Move Strong Gymnasium is home to the one and only CrossFit affiliate in Devonport and surrounding areas.. We are the only gym that does CrossFit in Devonport, so don’t be fooled if you’re currently doing ‘CrossFit’ at your regular gym or with your regular personal trainer – chances are, you’re probably not. Try CrossFit Devonport to see what CrossFit is REALLY all about – and no, CrossFit ISN’T about smashing your body until you’re over-trained and injured. At CrossFit Devonport we focus on correct functional movement and tech15 copynique, and ensure all our students train safely and effectively.

Our CrossFit group training sessions involve elements of weightlifting, powerlifting, strongman, gymnastics and other methods of serious training. While our sessions are constantly varied, our programming is not random at all. We use the latest scientific strength and conditioning research to design our Group Training program, to ensure that all our students improve in their strength, fitness, skills and mobility. If you stick with our CrossFit group training on a regular basis, you are guaranteed to get excellent results!

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Our CrossFit group training is suitable for beginners and intermediate trainees. Our expert CrossFit certified coaches will lead you through each session, starting with mobility and skills work, followed by strength and conditioning workouts. Don’t stress if you’re not the ‘fittest’ or if you’ve never done this sort of thing. The beauty of small group training is that you will receive personalised attention from our coaches. If needs be, they will scale (or substitute) exercises that you might not be ready for yet. Alternatively, if you are more of an intermediate athlete, our CrossFit coaches will challenge you with more difficult exercises. We will never, however, compromise good movement for intensity. So even if you are pretty fit and strong, but you move like crap, you will be required to work on your form and technique first before adding intensity. If you are an advanced CrossFit athlete, or have specific needs – such as rehab needs, or if you are looking to improve in a specific sport or alternative style of training, then our Individualised Programme service might be more down your ally. To make sure we get you started on the right training program for your needs, book in for a FREE initial consultation with our Head Coach to chat about your goals and what Move Strong Gym can offer you.

For our full timetable, click here. Before getting started with our regular CrossFit group training sessions you must be initiated first. This involves completing a screening and 4 x skills workshops with our Head Coach.

If fat-loss or general health and wellbeing is one of your main goals for doing CrossFit, y34 copyou should also consider signing up for our 12-Week Wellness Nutrition & Lifestyle Program which provides a monitored program for sustainable fat-loss and optimal health and wellbeing using real ancestral foods.


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What our CrossFit group training members have to say about Move Strong CrossFit Devonport:

“Home away from home !  If you don’t make the change, you’ll never change!  Whether you are already in the fitness scene and looking to mix it up and challenge yourself, or you are a beginner and don’t know where to start…this is the place to come.  You walk in as a stranger and walk out with a great bunch of friends, with a common interest to improve their lives. Unlike most gyms where it takes time to get to know people, the model at MSG is to embrace, encourage and support all from the gecko.  Workouts are designed to improve individual competency and fitness but you do it together.   It complimented my existing fitness program – so I gave up nothing and gained everything.  I found strength is as much about your confidence in trying something new, as it is about being able to lift a bar.  For me I had become stagnate in my fitness levels.  MSG allowed me to lift to a new level of strength, mobility, weight loss and overall fitness. I’ve not looked back.  Thanks to everyone at MSG!”  – Lara Hendriks, Group Training member

“Move Strong Gym ROCKS! We work hard, we work real. But we also have fun in the process. From a chick’s point of view (who isn’t very strong or hardcore at all!!), it may look daunting from the outside, but the coaches and the members at Move Strong are an encouraging, inspiring and motivating bunch. You won’t believe you can do the things we do until you try.” – Filipa Bellette, 30 years, Group Training member

“I’ve walked in the door & I know I’ve walked into greatness. This is not the norm. I immediately realise this will challenge my meagre existence. There isn’t a ceiling only self imposed limitations. 12 months on I’m still walking through the door of greatness. I’ve risen myself above the bar! Don’t do the ‘norm’ do CrossFit…” – Donna H 40 plus years young, Group Training member

“Yaya! Move strong has rocked my world!! I love the people and daily challenges! My body loves move strong… And so do I!!!” – Lily Foster, Group Training member

“Great place to train, everyone supports and encourages each other no matter what your level of fitness is! Get to meet fantastic people and build great friendships with people you probably wouldn’t meet in every day life! Move Strong is the start of a new you!!” – Ali Stephenson, Group Training member