Please note, the gym is closed today and Thursday from 1545 (3:45pm) due to our kids classes. For all of those who are open gym only members, I’m sorry but you will have to finish up your workout by this time as you will simply be too much of a distraction for our coaches and kids. We have over 15kids in the class today plus parents. The gym is going to get far too crowded for other people doing their own thing. We appreciate your cooperation, apologies for any inconvenience this may cause.

See what our kids program involves today…


A. Warmup/Skills & Homework Revision

– Star Jump Variations
– Broad Jumps
– Air Squat and Hold at Bottom
– Jump and Spin
– 1-leg Hops

4 rounds of the circuit:
– Run
– Air Squats
– PVC Presses
– Skipping
– Burpees

C. Game