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My Vector Bio-Resonance Screen – Filly’s Blog

A few weeks ago I had a Vector Bio-Resonance Screen with Naturopath Nelly from The Health Nut. I find functional testing so amazing; it really reveals how your body is operating at a functional level, and gets to the root cause of health issues. My screen with Nelly was no exception, and I was absolutely AMAZED at how much the test picked up on health issues I already knew about – as well as issues I was unaware of. It also revealed a lot about the symptoms I’d been experiencing – fatigue, colds and flus, and generally feeling run-down and ‘wired’. The Vector (in conjunction with highly trained qualified natural therapy practitioners such as Nelly and her partner Stu) could really help a lot of people, and I thought I’d spread the word about this amazing technology – and the amazing people behind it!

You’re probably thinking, what the heck is this Vector Bio-Thingy, right? Don’t worry, I hadn’t heard of it either. But this is one of those secret hidden gems that everybody needs to know about!

First of all…let’s talk about bio-resonance (excerpt taken from the Vector NLS website):

Bio-Resonance is a simple concept. It is the resonance effect occurring in a biological organism. These organisms can include pathogens such as parasites or viruses or human organs such as the heart, lungs and liver. Resonance is the forced vibration of an object when exposed to waves that matches the object’s natural oscillating frequency which is the rate at which an object will oscillate or vibrate in the absence of an imposing force.

All human organs have their own natural frequency. Bioresonance is affective in exposing the target site to electromagnetic waves that match its natural oscillating frequency. When the energy produced by the electromagnetic waves is strong enough the end result is a healthier target site.

When the body gets sick the natural frequency of the organ or organ system affected drops but when the organ or organ system is exposed to bio-resonance its frequency begins to revert back up to its original frequency thus healing the organ or organ system.

Bio-Resonance offers a chance to heal the body without drugs and without medical manipulation saving you both time and money.

Got all that?! Pretty deep stuff right there! Basically, the way I see it, is that each human body is one big ball of energy (also known as ‘frequency’) – from the largest organ, our skin, to each and every teeny-tiny cell. Each part of our body has it’s own unique frequency – and in a healthy state, it vibrates at that unique frequency. When nasties enter our body (viruses, parasites, that bucket of KFC – yes, I’m talking to YOU BigDog! – or that chemical-loaded deodorant you sprayed under your arms this morning…), or even when we are stressed, angry, extremely hot or cold, injured, hurt, etc., etc., our frequency drops. When we are below optimal frequency (or when a part of our body no longer vibrates at it’s healthy unique frequency) illness can sink its insinuous little claws in…Doesn’t it just make you want to find a nice cozy place out in the bush and wrap yourself up in a gum-leaf cocoon so your frequency is never tampered with?

I could write a poem here, but I won’t…

Ok, so now we know a bit about bio-resonance…Now for the Vector.

This piece of technology is Amaze-Balls! Basically you pop on these groovy earphones/head-set-thingy that is plugged into the Vector software on a computer. The headset picks up the frequencies of your brainwaves, which are intricately connected to every part of your body (like I’m talking about every part of your body – irises, red blood cells, DNA coding, you name it). It’s kind of similar technology to an EEG scan. While you’re sitting there twiddling your thumbs, the Vector conducts a full body analysis to find imbalances on a cellular level. I felt like I was on a Sci-Fi movie while I sat there letting this extremely intelligent software scan my brain and my body. It wasn’t invasive at all, but I was a bit nervous about what Nelly was going to find out about me…all those deep, dark secrets!


Once scanned, the Vector software on the computer colour-codes every part of your body – anything showing up in red indicates a problem. I’m totally into natural therapies, but there is still always a little bit of skepticism about therapies that are new to me. At the back of my mind, I was thinking – how the heck are headphones going to pick up on my health issues?

But oh my goodness me, I was so AMAZED by how accurate the Vector was in regards to health issues I already knew about. According to studies, the Vector is 98% accurate – and it certainly did seem pretty accurate to me!

Luckily, Nelly said my analysis was pretty healthy. But there were still things showing up in red, which indicated issues, that if left unchecked, could result in disease down the track. This is pretty cool, because most orthodox medical testing would say that I was 100% healthy. Yet the ultra-sensitivity of the Vector can identify if there are any imbalances at a cellular level – not only can it help treat disease, but it can also prevent it.

So what did I find out?

  • My thyroid showed up red, indicating that I have hypothyroidism. This is something that I suspected already, as my thyroid blood tests usually come back to say I have borderline hypothyroidism, but it has never been serious enough to concern the GP (thankfully, otherwise, back in the day, I would’ve naively popped the pills). This could definitely be a reason as to why I have been feeling fatigued, and also irritable.
  • My head area showed up red for laryngitis. This was interesting. Even though I was feeling good the day I had the scan, and had been for a month or two (since using essential oils), I had been dealing with chronic colds and flus (always resulting in a sore throat) since having Elsie. Perhaps there was still a lingering issue there that was still sorting itself out.
  • My red blood cells were also an issue, and the reason behind this was anemia (no wonder I’d been feeling so tired!). Again, I wasn’t too surprised about this because I did have an iron deficiency when I was pregnant, and Elsie’s still breastfeeding a lot, and probably still stripping my iron stores. But how amazing is that? That the Vector, by measuring my brain waves, worked out that I was anemic!
  • The Vector also picked up that I had some inflammation in the lining of my stomach and intestines. Although I don’t get terrible pain in my bowels like some people with IBS do, (and my stools are pretty healthy too!), I do get heartburn, and have become a lot more sensitive to certain foods (such as grains), which is all connected to the digestive system. Nelly dug a bit deeper, and we tried to pinpoint when these sensitivities and heartburn begun. I couldn’t remember the exact moment, but it was around a time when I experienced great stress, insecurity and disempowerment. Nelly said that perhaps these digestive issues have an emotional underpinning, and I agreed with her. The Vector even suggested some homeopathic remedies for my inflammation, which again, point towards there being some sort of emotional or spiritual reason behind my digestive issues – some sort of emotional or traumatic blockage from the past that has resulted in my heartburn and food sensitivities. Perhaps it’s no coincidence that a hurtful situation has exposed itself, painfully, and acid-like, in the area of my heart. This emotional blockage (and others I might not be conscious of) could very well also be affecting my nervous system (resulting in stress, anxiety, irritability), and also my immune system.
  • My appendix also showed up as red. This was new to me. I hadn’t experienced any issues with my appendix, although the appendix plays a role in the immune system and digestive system – both of which I have issues with. The Vector suggested some homeopathic remedies, and it was interesting that a few similar remedies were showing up for different presenting issues.
  • The Vector signaled my neutrophils (white blood cells that perform an important part in the immune system) as a problem. When Nelly looked into my neutrophils, the Vector said that there were two toxic chemicals (polonium and hafnium) that were causing an allergic reaction in my body (maybe presenting itself as fatigue, feeling on edge, lowering immune system). I have no definitive idea of how I absorbed these chemicals. After researching it, the water supply or seafood came up as probable sources – but it could’ve been from the air, pesticides, paint fumes, carpet-cleaning products, who knows? There are so many toxic chemicals around us disrupting our frequencies; it’s scary.
  • Muscular-skeletal: the Vector even picked up that I was experiencing lower back issues. My lower back is a bit sore and weak since my C-section with Elsie – probably compensating from my abs being sliced open!
  • Lastly, the Vector also showed up that many of my issues stem from over-activity (everything is sped up), as opposed to under-activity (everything is sluggish and ‘dead’). This was no surprise as I tend to be on the go all the time and try to fit in a million and one things into my day, leading to stress and anxiety. This was one of the reasons why I had the analysis with Nelly, as I was finding myself feeling really wired and on edge, even to the extent of holding my breath, and very often losing my cool with Poppy over silly little things that I’d usually shrug or laugh off. I certainly wasn’t feeling like a very good mummy!

Hopefully I haven’t put you to sleep with all my nitty-gritty health problems! But I think it’s good to see, from a real-life example, of how functional testing can search below the surface of presenting symptoms, to get to the root cause of health issues. Once we know the root causes, we can then, with the help of health practitioners, follow a treatment plan to assist in balancing out our bodies, mind and spirit.


So these are some things Nelly advised me to do:

  • Nutritional supplements: iron supplements for anemia. I’d also been taking iodine for healthy thyroid function, as well as magnesium to calm the nerves, and a good multi-vitamin to assist in providing Elsie and myself with all the nutrients that we needed.
  • Liquid herbal mix: Turmeric (anti-inflammation for my gut), chamomile (calming), and astragalus (to promote energy).
  • Homeopathic remedy: A few different homeopathic remedies were suggested during the Vector analysis. I hadn’t ever taken a homeopathic remedy, so I went away and did some research on some of them. Phosphorus looked like a good fit, as it helps with the respiratory system, fatigue, irritability, anxiety and digestive conditions, in particular heartburn.
  • Lightseeding: I’ve also had a couple of Light Therapy sessions at The Health Nut to help improve my immune system and energy levels. Recently, Stu (Nelly’s partner) also introduced Chris and I to his ultra-cool high-tech laser light machine that is particularly useful for muscular-skeletal issues. I’ve had a couple of sessions with the laser to help heal my C-section wound and lower back (another blog to come about using light as therapy!).
  • Nelly also advised me to do some calming activities, such as meditation. I actually had an amazing Cranial-Sacral Therapy session the week after with Sharlene Broughton (works from Haven and Lotus Waters, as well as at home – go see her, she’s amazing!), which really helped me enter a deep state of meditation and relaxation. I felt this overwhelming sense of energy/calmness/love/release (the sensation is difficult to put into words) that I started crying! I’m guessing I released an emotional blockage or two after that session! I’ve also been really mindful of my breathing, focusing on deep-belly breathing, rather than holding my breath and shallow-chest breathing.
  • In addition to Nelly’s treatment plan, I’ve also been using Young Living therapeutic-grade essential oils to boost my immune system, energy levels and to calm my nerves. I’ve also been extra mindful to avoid inflammatory foods, and have tried to reduce chemicals in our home by purchasing the Zazen (a really cool high-quality alkalinizing and mineralizing water filter) from Nelly, and also using essential oils for cleaning and cosmetics.

It’s been three weeks since my Vector analysis, and I can honestly say I’m feeling a lot more calm and collected, mum and elseand I don’t think I’ve had any major digestive or immune system issues. My energy levels did start to pick up within a week – but then something odd happened. I started taking the homeopathic Phosphorus remedy only a week ago, and for three days, I was totally zonked out – more so at night. Like I would feel completely exhausted by 8:30pm and would need to go to bed, and then sleep so heavy during the night that I didn’t even wake up to hear Elsie crying! In the morning I’d still feel heavy and sluggish with sleep. It was the weirdest thing. I feel good and more energetic now, so maybe it was my body responding in a very strong way to the calming properties in the homeopathic remedy after my body had been, for so long, in over-drive…the mysteries of the human body!

I would highly recommend anyone looking to improve their health – from everyday low-energy levels, to those with more serious conditions such as cancer – to have a chat to Nelly or Stu about doing a Vector analysis. Not only is the technology mind-blowing in regards to what it can pinpoint about your body, but Nelly and Stu are also such compassionate and caring people – and they know their stuff! They can definitely help you get on track to better health, wellness and happiness.

You can contact them at The Health Nut (59 Wright St, East Devonport) on 6427 8051, or you might catch them at the gym!

As Nelly says, Happy Days!

Filly 🙂



  1. Pam - March 2, 2016 5:29 am

    Wow! So interesting. Glad you are now feeling better!!!
    Do you know of anyone in Sydney using Vector Bio-Resonance screens? Also how long did it take? It seems like you had the screen and we’re given the results straight away!

    • Filly - March 2, 2016 8:27 am

      Thanks Pam! Hmmm, i don’t know anyone personally using the Vector in Sydney. But if you contacted the Vector website, you could ask if there is anyone in Sydney you could get in touch with – (Or, come down for a visit to Tassie and have a scan with Nelly, hehe).

      it took about 10 or so minutes to be scanned, and then Nelly spent an hour with me analysing the results. Yep, i was able to see the results at the same time as Nelly. That was really cool – usually you could tests done (blood tests, etc), and you have to wait for a few days to get results. But with my session with Nelly i was able to see exactly how my body was working in real-time. Was awesome!


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