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Paul recently achieved a World Record in the Bench Press (190kg) at the 2015 CAPO National Powerlifting Championships

Move Strong Gym provides an inspiring environment for savvy lifters and those passionate about functional strength training and making real progress. If you are looking for a gym filled with people interested in strength training (and not flexing in the mirror), as well as tracking progress, competing and offering the support and encouragement required to get there, then Move Strong Gym is the platform for you. We have a growing  community of men and women, from powerlifters, to Olympic weightlifters, to Strongman trainees, to elite athletes, who all have the same vision to achieve their own personal goals. We have trainees of many different levels of strength and knowledge. We don’t care how strong you are, we care about your mindset: you have to want to get better every single day. When you step into the doors of Move Strong Gym, you can expect to be lifted to astronomical greatness through the support of our expert Coaches and fellow Strong Movers. The only way to reach your full potential is to be in a gym environment where everyone has the same goal: to get better. As the saying goes, if you want to be the best, you have to train with the best! So get about Move Strong Gym today. Give us a shout to book in for your FREE Trial.


Our strength-focused services

24/7 Gym Access


Phillipa came first overall in the seniors 60kg weight class division and made a national bench press record at the 2015 CAPO Tasmanian Powerlifting State Titles

Move Strong Gym is fully equipped with the highest standard of strength training equipment. From power cages, to oly-lifting platforms, iron plates, bumper plates, kegs, yoke, atlas stones, bench-press station, kettle bells, and much, much more. We are constantly adding to our wide-range of equipment inventory, and welcome suggestions from our members as to what equipment is needed to help them to achieve their goals. 24/7 Gym members can come at any time  to use our facility. If you come in during peak hours, you will almost always be in the presence of a qualified coach and/or experienced lifters who are always happy to spot you, and answer any questions and offer words of advice. For a limited time only, we are offering a limited number of pre-opening 24/7 Gym memberships for $45/4-weeks. Offer ends 1st December. Be quick before you miss out, and before prices rise! Sign up to our pre-opening 24/7 Gym Access membership here.

Strength Programs

If you need help knowing how to reach your strength goals, then our Strength Programming is for you! We have two options for strength programs:


Ali lifts 160kg and takes out the title for the Women’s Over 82kg category at Round 1 of Tasmania’s Strongest Man & Woman Series 2015

1. If you want to increase your strength and power, as well as prepare and train for competitions, including Powerlifting, Strongman and Olympic Weightlifting comps, our ‘Mongrels’ Online Competition Programming is what you need. For example, our last ‘Mongrels’ phase prepared our ‘Mongrels’ pack for the WRPF Powerlifting Nationals.

2. If you have very specific strength goals that our ‘Mongrels’ Program does not cater for, we can help you out with an Individualised Program which includes an Functional Movement Screen, your personally designed program, and 6 x Private Coaching sessions to go over your program.

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Strongman Training


Thomas competing at Round 2 of Tasmania’s Strongest Man & Woman Series, where he once again achieved first place

Move Strong Gymnasium is the North-Tas affiliate of the Strongman Tasmania Association. Our gym is fully equipped with the latest Strongman man equipment. We design Strongman Programs to help prepare you for upcoming Strongman competitions. We also offer a Strongman Class on Saturdays at 8am which is designed to increase your brute strength and power, as well as develop Strongman skills and techniques. Males and females are both welcome. We also cater to all strength and ability levels, so don’t be afraid to try our Strongman Class if you feel you’re ‘not-quite-strong-enough’ or if you’ve never done this style of training before.

Private Coaching


Nick squats 300kg at Move Strong Gym

We provide top-class Private Strength Coaching to help you perfect your technique, increase your mobility and drive you to achieve strength you never thought possible. If you’re serious about competing, Private Coaching can really help take you to the level you need to go to succeed. We offer a range of Private Coaching packages, starting at $40/30min for a casual session. Please contact us for a quote.

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