Head Coach – Chris Bellette

Head Coach – Chris Bellette



chrisCoach BigDog is the heart thumping in our gym. Passionate. Educated. Dedicated. And a pretty big goof. He has an unwavering desire to pull from you the best human being that you can be. He tells it how it is, and his refreshing honesty is only ever with the intention to better you! The best teachers don’t hold your hand and swaddle you in sweet praises and kisses. They will show you your weaknesses, and turn them into strengths!

Coach BigDog has 15 years of experience and education in the Strength & Conditioning field, and is a current Strongman competitor and athlete. His focus is to bring science and educated-thought into all his programming and coaching. He hungers for knowledge so that he can provide YOU with the expert guidance needed to reach your goals.

To get an idea of just how qualified this mountain-of-a-man is…here’s a little (LOL) list below of some of the things he has doneΒ 

If you REALLY want to reach your goals, and not just fluff around with sweaty workouts or random or out-dated strength sessions, then come and be led from this man who dedicates every waking hour to be the best…so that he can extract the best from you too!

  • Bachelor Human Movement Science
  • Cert III Fitness
  • Cert IV Fitness
  • Senior First Aid, CPR
  • RKC Level 1 (Kettlebell Instructor)
  • HKC (Kettlebell Instructor)
  • CrossFit Coach – Level 1
  • CrossFit Coach – Level 2
  • CrossFit Strongman
  • FMS Β – Level 2
  • FMS Β – Level 1
  • TIS Satellite Coach
  • Cricket Tas Satellite Coach
  • Primal Move Instructor
  • Strength & Conditioning Coach – Level 1 (ASCA)
  • Strength & Conditioning Coach – Level 2 (ASCA) (in progress)
  • FMA Certification
  • FMA Mastermind Mentorship
  • Weightlifting Coach – Level 1 (AWF)
  • Strongman Tasmania Co-Owner
  • Basketball Coach – Level 1
  • REHAB Trainer Essentials – Level 1
  • Active Release Therapy – Lower Extremity
  • Active Release Therapy – Upper Extremity
  • Whole Body Massage
  • Battling Ropes Instructor
  • Pro-Fit Boxing Master Pad Holder
  • Pro-Fit Boxing Instructor – Level 2
  • Pro-Fit Boxing Instructor – Level 1
  • Thump Boxing Instructor – Level 2
  • Thump Boxing Instructor – Level 1
  • Metabolic Jumpstart Diet Coach – Level 1
  • Foundations of Human Movement Cert (Steve Maxwell)
  • Athletes Performance Mentorship – Phase 1
  • Tony Boutagy Internship – Phase 1
  • Level 3 Personal Trainer – (Fitness Australia)
  • National Strongman Competitor
  • Ex-army infantry reservist
  • Former elite level basketball player
  • Happily married husband and father
  • Recovering ice-cream addict (Damn I miss Ben & Jerry’s!!!)

BigDog records his own training journey every day or so in BigDog’s blog. At Move Strong, our coaches don’t just ‘talk the walk’; they ‘walk the walk’. We have to make sure we keep up with the awesome progress of our students after all! Have a read of what BigDog got up to today.Β 

Need to give Chris a holler? Call 0402 733 944