Dr. Filipa Bellette, PhD

Dr. Filipa Bellette, PhD





Say hello to our Clinical Nutritionist & Functional Medicine Practitioner Filipa Bellette. Filly is also Co-Owner of Move Strong Gym, and does all the work behind the scenes to keep our place humming.

Filly holds a Doctor of Philosophy, which has spurred her passion for personal and collective transformation. This naturally flows into the health and fitness industry, where she passionately educates and inspires others to make long-lasting nutritional and lifestyle changes for optimal health and performance. 

She has one goal in mind – to literally change YOUR LIFE by transforming how you think about food, your body, and your time here on earth.

Big changes are hard. Rocking up to the gym a few times a week – not so hard. Transforming everything that you eat, do and think – well, this is much harder. That’s why we have enlisted Filipa and her expert skills to help you excel on all levels of fitness, health and wellness.

Filly goes beyond just nutritional and lifestyle coaching. She also wants to get to the ROOT CAUSE of your issues – because working out these tricky causes will get you to EXCELLENT OPTIMAL FUNCTIONING! This is why she is currently investing her time and money doing the world’s best Functional Medicine Mentorship with international expert Dr Daniel Kalish. Functional Medicine is about using targeted lab testing to assess how well important body systems are working, and design an individualised program to rebalance your body back to optimal health. Not only is she receiving expert guidance through this mentorship, but all her clients also get to be treated by Dr Kalish vicariously through her (which is pretty damn cool, seeing as Dr Kalish costs $600AUS to have a consult directly with him!).

If you’re keen to make this year your healthiest yet, book in for a consult with Filipa Bellette!

  • Founder of holistic health and wellness business, Happy Biome
  • Advanced Diploma in Nutritional Medicine
  • Accredited Member of the Australian Traditional Medicine Society
  • Functional Medicine Practitioner – Kalish Institute
  • Doctor of Philosophy – Creativity
  • Bachelor of Arts (Honours) – Psychology/English
  • Awarded the UTAS University Medal
  • Blackmores Professional Mineral Therapy Cert
  • Manufacturing Herbal Medicine Cert
  • DIY Toxin-Free Workshops
  • Young Living Essential Oils – Wellness Advocate & Independent Distributor

Need to give Filipa a holler? Call 0408 707 249