Rene O’Neill

Rene O’Neill






























  • Cert III Fitness
  • Cert IV Fitness
  • Unconventional Training Mobility Cert
  • Unconventional Training Body Weight Cert
  • Unconventional Training Power Bands for Mobility, Strength & Conditioning
  • First Aid Cert

Coach Rene has been with Move Strong Gym right from our opening back in 2013. She has been tutored by Head Coach Chris “BigDog” Bellette since our beginning, and has since helped other Move Strong students achieve amazing goals in strength, fitness and body composition. Rene is a single mum of three kids, and she particularly loves to empower other women to find their inner strength and self-confidence. Rene is a regular powerlifter and CrossFit competitor, and very often out-does the fellas in kg’s that she can lift!

We are privileged to be surrounded by so many STRONG and INSPIRING women, and our Functional Training Coach Rene’ O’Neill is no exception! Coach Rene is particularly gifted at empowering other women, and encouraging them to find their true potential. In Coach Rene’s mind, there is NOTHING her clients can’t achieve!

If you feel like life is beating you up – whether it’s your own self-doubt demons, or other people putting you down, whether you’re just struggling with life in general, or with the motivation to exercise – Coach Rene can help you! Get in contact with us today to find out how you can achieve strength beyond measure!

Rene specialises in Private Coaching and Semi-Private Strength Sessions (run on Tue and Thur at 6:45pm).