Build the man behind the business

With all the balls you’re juggling, is throwing in another stress what you really want?



As a coach for Male Business Owners who are dominating their profession in exchange for years ignoring their health, the first thing I tell clients is that EXERCISE IS NOT THE SOLUTION.

Their mates may tell them to join the latest 12 week challenge or sign up for a few PT sessions, but nothing really changes….because exercise is only a tiny part of the equation that leads to good health. 

The clients I work with have seen their 30’s slip away while they invested all their time and energy into growing their business and being a good provider, but it’s started to take a toll. 


  • They have to drink more coffee/red bull to get going in the morning
  • Sleep is not refreshing or hard to get
  • They’ve grown a pot belly and can’t run up a flight of stairs without getting puffed
  • There’s niggles and aches and pains that don’t seem to get any better.
  • The reality is, exercise is a small part of good health, but fixing the problem means looking at ALL the contributing factors that have led them to this point. 

It means looking at sleep, stress management, metabolism, lifestyle habits, mindset, posture, nutrition AND exercise.

By starting to make small changes in each of these areas, they can literally change their life and connect more meaningfully with their family. 

The last thing they need is more overwhelming, which is why I’ve created a free download on how to have the energy to be the best dad ever. It’s a simple solution that they can start implementing today that DON’T take a lot of time and have a big impact on reducing stress, improving sleep and feeling better.

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